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FSX: Embraer Regional Jets

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FSX: Embraer Regional Jets

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Including the ERJ 145, ERJ 135 and ERJ 145XR by feelThere

  • Operating a fleet of Embraer 135s and 145s the Belgian's Defense 15th Wing Air Transport now uses the feelThere ERJ 145 Pilot in Command to teach flight deck procedures to pilots
  • The ultimate regional jet for FS2004 and fsX
  • Highly detailed ERJ 145, ERJ 135 and ERJ 145XR model with virtual cockpit and cabin
  • Photorealistic 2D panel with 5 photorealistic subpanels
  • Ultrarealistic flight model
  • Free liveries (additional livery pack is available from McPhat Studios)
  • After almost 5 years of the initial release listening the many requests we are proud to announce the latest Embraer regional jet package including 3 popular version of the ERJ.

PIC ERJ 145 Pilot In Command product details

Key Features:

Aircraft features

  • Three highly detailed ERJ airplanes
  • Load editor (automatic fueling by using the FMS)
  • CALL! for the ERJ (first officer and flight attendant simulation) included ($17.99 value)
  • Native fs9 and fsX development
  • Multiple liveries
  • Brand new digital soundset by TSS
  • Custom XML instruments and animations inside and outside

Panel features

  • Glass cockpit
  • Color weather radar
  • Photorealistic 2d panels
  • Fully interactive victual cockpit with many custom switches and knobs
  • HUD (Head up display) night and difficult weather landing
  • Ground proximity warning system (GPWS)
  • TCAS II with audio -visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
  • Pop up instruments
  • Screen resolution up to 1600x1200 (4:3) pixels

System features

  • Almost all systems are included. Electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, pressurization, bleed air, air conditioning, FADEC with ATTCS function, GPWS, self test, ventral tank for the ERJ 145XR
  • Accurate autopilot with overspeed and stall recovery systems
  • APU simulated with correct fuel consumption
  • Ice detection

FMS features

  • Very realistic and complex FMS
  • Learn function; the FMS learns your flying habits and the prediction will be more accurate at each time
  • Five different patterns

System Requirements

  • This content requires the base game Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 or X.


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