The Surge 2 (skin)
The Surge 2 (skin)
The Surge 2 (skin)


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In the 21st century, human society is threatened by a destroyed natural environment, cannot solve the problems of overpopulation, and suffers from poverty, organized crime and increasing forms of depression and neurological diseases. Earth is one single federation of cities. Greece is one of them. Every city-state has its own governor and local government, which is subject to the Supreme Federal Government. But the political lobbies, big companies, and organized crime impose their own order on things: a situation which most of the time surpasses the law and creates its own reality.
Nick Delios had been a top student at the University of Thessaloniki, specializing in medical software. His career was brilliant... up to the day when the head of his scientific research team, Dimitris Argyriou, a member of the scientific and business elite, presented Nick's original and revolutionary research in electronic transplants programming as his own achievement. When Nick reacted, Argyriou threw him off the team, canceling at the same time Nick's wedding with his sister, Annita. Nick, deeply hurt, abandoned his academic ambitions and adopted a bohemian way of life. After a period of living on the edge, gambling and drinking, Nick ends up earning his living as a detective, specializing in solving cases of industrial espionage by using his medical studies and his acquaintances in the underworld.
When Thanos Pekas, Police Inspector and an old friend, asks him unofficially to help him solve the murder case of a small time crook, Nick, who needs the money, accepts without suspecting where he is about to get involved. This initially simple case will lead him to a complex case of multiple conspiracies, where nothing is what it seems to be, and which even surpasses the borders of our very planet…


  • Mystery adventure game featuring DVD video
  • 2+ hours of full-motion video
  • Cut scenes are FMV 
  • 20-25 hours of gaming
  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Over 200 puzzles
  • Inventory manipulation is mouse-controlled:  point-and-click (or point-and-drag) 
  • 3D Movement is controlled with the arrow keys
  • First person viewpoint
  • Unlimited saves
  • For one player
  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 2 634.05 MB
  • Categories: Adventure, Point-and-Click
  • Publisher: Anima ppd-interactive
  • Release: 23rd Nov 2011 09:00 (UTC+02:00)
  • DRM: DRM Free
  • Features: Single-player
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • Pentium II 400 or Celeron 466
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Video card with 16 MB video RAM
  • 4 GB hard drive space
  • Windows 98 and higher (must support DirectX 8.1)
  • DirectX 8.1


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