Kenshi (skin)
Kenshi (skin)
Kenshi (skin)

AI War: Children of Neinzul

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AI War: Children of Neinzul

Rating: 4.2 (337 votes cast)

The Neinzul aliens are an insectoid race of perpetual "younglings," who live for an extremely short span before dying and being superseded by fully-aware and vicious replacements. The Neinzul are organized into localized "Enclaves" that form mini-collectives with their own personalities, goals, and desires. In this second expansion to AI War, players face off against the Neinzul minor factions, against new AI types in general, and enlist the help of the friendlier members of this new alien presence.

The new Enclave Starships bring a long-awaited feature to AI War: mobile space docks, including variants that go all the way up to mark IV. Optionally, for those players who felt that the normal types of AI in the game weren't challenging enough for them already, there are new Hybrid Hives that bring an all-new-to-AI-War type of AI structure to the game. Hybrid hives are part Neinzul and part AI, consisting of loose fleets organized around the Enclave Starships. Hybrid hives have various personalities and goals, and might work together or might go it alone. They are far more aggressive than the regular AI, they gain in power over time, and they can even recapture planets. For advanced players who want to try their hand at a whole new kind of AI War experience, the Hybrid Hives provide more cut-throat opposition than ever.

Key Features:

  • 36 new ships, including:
      5 new ship classes with a variety of abilities.
      Enclave Starships and Regeneration Chambers for direct unlock.
      6 new AI special weapons.
  • 6 new AI Types.
  • 3 Neinzul alien minor factions (NPCs).
  • Devastating new Hybrid Hives AI plot.
  • 3 new in-game music tracks.
  • Two new map styles: X and Concentric Circles.

System Requirements

  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account


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