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Avernum V

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Avernum V

Rating: 4.1 (45 votes cast)

Avernum 5 is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure. It is set in the world
of Avernum, an enormous series of caves far under the surface of the world.
Explore this enormous, alien environment, meet multitudes of interesting
characters, and rampage through many unique dungeons and hostile cities.

The surface world is ruled by the Empire. Its power is absolute. Its control
is unchallenged. And, as a soldier of the Empire, you have a good,
comfortable life ahead of you. But then a rebel named Dorikas tried to
assassinate the Empress, and everything went wrong for you.

The villain fled somewhere into Avernum, an underworld nation of eccentrics,
misfits, and barely civilized monsters, most of whom hate the Empire. And
that is where you are going. You must find Dorikas, while dealing with
spies, betrayal, and assassins at every turn.

The enemy is waiting for you. You will only survive his attention with the
help of these strange cave dwellers. If, of course, they don't kill you

Explore a gigantic world, with hundreds of quests, multitudes of side
dungeons, and many hours of adventure. Avernum 5 has a fascinating
storyline, full of betrayal, mystery, and unexpected turns. The game
features clever enemies and dozens of interesting scripted encounters. Learn
over 50 spells and battle disciplines. Hunt for hundreds of magical items,
or find the materials to craft new, unique equipment.

  • An enormous world. Hundreds of quests, dozens of dungeons and enemy fortresses, and multitudes of characters.
  • Epic storyline. Hunt the assassin Dorikas, while his agents try to trick and waylay you at every turn.
  • Many unique encounters. Not just mindless hack and slash. Many unusual enemies that will require clever tactics to defeat.
  • Rich game system with over 50 spells and battle disciplines, many character building options, and powerful secret skills to unlock.
  • Unique game world. Not just the same old elves and hobbits.
  • Platforms: PC /Mac
  • File size: 27.71 MB
  • Categories: RPG, Turn-based RPG, Mac
  • Publisher: Spiderweb Software
  • Release: 1st Dec 2009 09:00 (UTC+02:00)
  • DRM: SecuROM
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • PC Running Windows XP or later.
  • 800 MhZ processor. Minimum 1.6 GhZ processor recommended.
  • Video card or processor with OpenGL support and 32 MB video RAM (64 MB recommended).
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 200 MB hard disk space.
  • 1024x768 screen resolution with 32 bit color.


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