Anno 2070 DLC 1 The Eden complete pack

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Anno 2070 DLC 1 The Eden complete pack

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The Eden Project Complete DLC Pack for ANNO 2070™ includes:

- The Development Scenario Pack: Do you want to learn more about Former technology and its inventor, Josh? Then you’ll enjoy the Development Scenario Pack. Find out what happened to Josh “The Ghost” Steen and help him finish his greatest and most difficult development, against all odds. Unlock his portrait by fulfilling all missions.

- The Keeper Pack: Former technology is one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time. With the Guardian 1.0 you get access to this powerful technology without playing through the Eden Project World Event. It comes with a unique skin for the Former Technology tool as well as access to high-end upgrades.

- The Eden Series Pack: The success of the Former technologies has been a great victory for the Eden Initiative. Celebrate their success with a new line of architecture that will bring the shine of green tech to your cities. Included in this pack:

  • Eden Line Hedge System ecos (4 versions)
  • Eden Line Park System ecos (4 versions)
  • Eden Line Tree Place ecos
  • Eden Line Water Wall ecos
  • Town Center Variation ecos

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System Requirements

  • Requires original Anno 2070 installed to play.