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I can only gift the game (no download, no serial)
Posted by Michael (Psyringe) on 20 November 2012 10:58 AM

You may have bought the game as a gift (buy clicking the "Gift this game" button instead of the "Buy" button. This blocks the download button and the "Reveal Serial" button from appearing, since the system thinks that the game is upposed to be gifted.

In such a situation, you can contact support, who will change the game's status. Or, if you are looking for a quicker solution, you can send the game as a gift to your own email address. You can then click on the link in the gift mail, and redeem the game to your account. If you choose this solution, please make sure that your mail service is reliable and does not 'lose' mails from GamersGate. If the mail does get lost, please contact support.

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