Strategy First

Strategy First

Strategy First was founded by friends who shared a mutual passion for videogames. They still work closely together today, and are the driving force behind the company that is now a leading worldwide developer and publisher of entertainment software.

Their dream began in 1990 when the company received its first art and graphic design contract for a strategy role-playing game published by Sir Tech. For the following two years, it continued to fulfill contracts for such leading companies as ABC Sports Interactive, Strategic Simulations, Empire Interactive, LucasArts and Cinar Films. Soon after, Strategy First developed its own sports game entitled Solid Ice and began to make a name for itself as a premier developer in the Industry, releasing such titles as Man of War I and II and Disciples: Sacred Lands.

Since that time, the company has continued to grow rapidly and has expanded from a small team of a dozen employees to a team with over 40 talented programmers, artists and marketing representatives spread over 2 offices in Montreal and London, England.

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