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“Steel Armor: Blaze of War” is an authentic and dynamic tank simulator. Combats take place in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Angola during war confl icts of 1981, 1984 and 1987. Player is to successfully accomplish battles in 4 historical operations on 60 square km. of battle area, manage Soviet, Iran, Iraq and Angola sides of the conflict.

“Steel Armor: Blaze of War” gives player an opportunity to drive battle tanks as driver and engineer, to organize tank attacks as gun layer and manage the crew of one of the two legendary tanks of that period  Soviet T-62 and American M60A1.


Dynamic campaigns with historical missions Large-scale tactical battles with real tanks, APCs, artillery, aviation and infantry Destructible environment and interactive landscape: ability to dig craters and trenches in real-time Realistic physics Detailed after-battle statistics that let player evaluate results of attacks and received damages Level Editor and mode-building utilities Detailed encyclopedia of battle machinery.


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