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As word of the ancient Bloodweaver facility travels to the stars in hushed whispers and shadowy conversations, Enoch The Shepherd, a holy warrior, must investigate. As one of a small, unique, but growing group of Zuul, determined to leave their savage birthright and terrible reputation behind, Enoch isn't descending into The Pit out of curiosity, but out of obligation. Whatever evil is still down there, it is on him to witness it, record it... ...and then purify it with fire. New Features!

1 new playable character, The Shepherd, a Zuul. 8 new monsters! 5 new armors! 19 new items! 13 new recipes! 13 new weapons!

With The Pit: Pilgrim DLC, players can now challenge The Pit with all the races of the Sword of the Stars Universe! You wanted to play as Zuul, and we heard you!

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