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Become completely immersed in the world of Metro. Ranger Mode offers Metro veterans the ultimate challenge; the HUD is removed for increased immersion, all resources including ammunition, filters and medkits are more scarce, and combat becomes even deadlier as both you and your enemies cause more damage. With the purchase of the Ranger Pack you will also receive additional 100 Military Grade Bullets in Ranger Mode so you can quickly customise your arsenal to suit your play style. Also included is the Ranger approved AKSU, a compact but deadly Russian assault rifle, perfect for claustrophobic combat.

Ranger Mode - Experience complete immersion. No HUD. Less bullets. Brutal Combat. Hardcore. Modified Russian Rifle - A compact but deadly Russian assault rifle, perfect for claustrophobic combat. Extra Military Grade Bullets - Coveted for their ability to kill, these bullets are also the currency of the Metro.  Will you use them in battle or purchase precious resources? The choice is yours.

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