Refund Policy

GamersGate Refund Policy

The text below is considered as a contract between you and GamersGate and will be used accordingly.

  1. GamersGate is a DOWNLOAD SERVICE ONLY and have no disc to ship out.

  2. Refund and return policy...

    1. Before buying a game it is each customers obligation to make sure they have the technical ground for the game to work and that the computer system meet the minimum requirements for the game.

    2. GamersGate do not take responsibility for a game to work on a newer or other OS than specified in the System Requirements for each game.

    3. Games with initial problems at release will not be refunded until the developers/publisher have got a chance to fix the problems with a patch, fix, update or similar.

    4. You can ask for a refund with no question asked within 14 days as long as the game has not been used.

    5. A game is considered used when a download has been attempted, a serial number have been generated or the game have been gifted.

    6. An order will only be refunded after the game is used or the 14 days period has expired if...

      1. You have contacted the GamersGate support about it, giving detailed information about the problem and neither the GamerGate support team or game developers have been successful making the game work.

      2. The recommendations from the developers/publishers indicate that a refund may be a good solution.

  3. Technical Support

    1. As a digital distributor for PC/MAC games, our knowledge of in-game problems are limited.

    2. For best support for problems with your game...

      1. Contact the developer or publisher for the specific game.

      2. Use forums and fan sites to find information about your problem.

      3. Use the GamersGate Game Tutor to find solutions from other customers that may help you with your problem.

    3. For help with GamersGate related problems (Downloader, download, install, serials etc) please go to the Help & FAQ section on the site.

    4. For payment related problems see 4. Payment Partners below.

    5. You are of course welcome to contact GamersGate anyway, whatever the problem is and we will do the best we can to help you.

  4. Payment Partners

    1. GamersGate have none, or very little, transaction information. Therefore we highly recommend to contact the support of the payment system used as a first choice when it comes to failed payments, Credit Card failures, suspected frauds etc.

    2. For refunds or complaints due to the product, contact GamersGate

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