Europa Universalis Rome Gold

Can't install EU Rome Gold

By ANSAHE posted 25th Jul 2009

I've downloaded the game, but it can't be installed. The installer run, the green bar advances, but too fast and almost not changing the names of files involved. Then, appears in the installer the reference of installing Vae Vactis (the expansion), but in a few seconds I get the message from a setup window saying "Europa Universalis - Rome is not installed". The only thing that appears in my folder is a text file, the UK license agreement.

I've tried a lot of things related with compatibility (seen in Paradox forum), and repeated the process from scratch many times, unsuccessfully.

Anyone has something?


By trusteft posted 27th Jul 2009

I don't have the GOLD version, but I have both the game and the expansion pack. Do they have a common installer/download? Make sure, if you haven't, to install the game first, run it once, quit, patch it, then install the expansion pack.

BTW, the best way to patch the game is from the game launcher to click on check for updates.

By ANSAHE posted 27th Jul 2009


Theres's just one download and a common installer for EU Rome and VV, so... the problem seems to be in the original game (Rome). I've downoladed it for six times, unsuccesfully (the installation: download seems to be correct, as it takes the 666.5 Mb and the installer runs automatically after finishing the download).

Thanks for trying to help :)

By trusteft posted 27th Jul 2009

hmm, both rome and VV (downloaded) in a single RAR file (no extra compression) are under 600MBs for me.

If it is a single setup file for both, then it is different from what I have. What I can suggest is make sure there is no trace of the game anywhere, from a previous failed installation, and downloaded files. Then disable your antivirus and try to download the game again and don't enable the anti virus till you have installed (hopefully) the game. I encountered a problem with the installation files of another game (Titan Quest) that solved itself after doing the above.

BTW, I hope you are trying to download and install the game with an administrator account.
I hope this works for you.

By gamersgate posted 5th Aug 2009


By gamersgate posted 6th Aug 2009

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