Transport Giant Gold

No exe

By jm764 posted 12th Jul 2010

I downloaded Transport Giant Gold and it installed like any other game but when i tried to run it it said it couldn't run the game. but when i ran it with a .exe from the demo it ran the demo with some of the features fro Gold. But it won't run any of the other campains, free mode, setting, etc.

please help.


By KavazovAngel posted 8th Dec 2010

Try this:

Redownload the game, but disable any antivirus software while downloading the game.

Make sure to disable your firewall too and/or add an exception for the downloader/installer in the firewall settings.

When installing the game, run the installer as an administrator and also install the game in a folder other than program files (something like C:\Games).

By gamersgate posted 27th Mar 2012

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By gamersgate posted 4th Feb 2013

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