Civilization III Complete

Can't get the game to open/run

By YeahOK posted 14th Jul 2010

So I installed Civilization III. It seemed to go smoothly other than being asked during installation to insert a disc to complete everything. Nonetheless I thought everything installed properly. When I try to open the game, however, absolutely nothing happens when I click on the game's icon. What exactly should I do?


By lowyhong posted 14th Jul 2010

Do you have a Firewall or Antivirus that could potentially block the program from running properly? For example, Comodo Firewall's Defense+ feature blocks programs from working normally if you don't allow them full access.

When you double click on the icon, go to Task Manager (CTRL ALT DEL) and see if the .exe file shows up in Processes.

What OS are you using btw?

By gamersgate posted 15th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 26th Jul 2010

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