Storm over the Pacific


By petesmiffy posted 13th Jul 2010

I installed and successfully ran this game. After exiting the game I later started it again but when I pressed the "Finnished Turn" button it CTD.

I installed the patch and launched successfully from the install screen, but next time I started the game it was CTD on pressing "Finnished Turn" again. The game will only run correctly if I reinstall the patch everytime and launch from the install screen.


By lancelotdulys posted 13th Jul 2010


The game needs to run as administrator (vista and Windows7) to work properly. Just right click on your short-cut, go in the compatibility tab and check the "Run as administrator" checkbox.

Let me know if this fix works out for you and don't forget to mark the issue solved.


By gamersgate posted 14th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 26th Jul 2010

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