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By petesmiffy posted 13th Jul 2010

I downloaded this game onto my new computer (Windows 7). It started up okay. I went to the options screen to set the video setings higher to take advantage of my new system. I must have made a mistake and set them too high because my monitor went blank and showed an error message, "Signal Out Of Range". I was unable to exit the program and had to reboot. Checking the read me file, it said to launch in windowed mode and reset the video srtting. I could find a link to "Lunch in Window" in the Start menu. However there is no such link. I tried to uninstall, but the unistaller does not work. I deleted all files and ran a registry cleaner. I then reinstalled but on launching the game it goes straight to "Signal Out OF Range" and my system locks up.


By lancelotdulys posted 13th Jul 2010


Try creating a shortcut on the ufo.exe adding the following switch:

--options fullscreen=false

This should force the game to startup in windowed mode, allowing you to fiddle with graphics option again.

If you need more assistance, feel free to ask. Please remember to mark as the problem as "solved" if your issue is fixed.

By gamersgate posted 14th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 21st Jul 2010

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