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Installation Problems

By Turftalker posted 13th Jul 2010


I hope someone can helped. I am struggling to download Football Manager 2010.

I downloaded the file, the installer software loaded up and I followed the FM 2010 install programme. It gets to the end of the process where it says "Football Manager 2010 is being configured for your system" but it then says "Installation has finished but some errors occurred, please see the installation log".

Once you click ok the setup icon in the gamersgate temporary file folder becomes a 'launch' icon, but if you double click this it asks what programme would you like to open the file with.

I have tried a couple of times and it is not working, if you click delete temporary files there is then no trace of the game. I also don't know where to find the installation log for the further details.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


By lowyhong posted 13th Jul 2010

Is FM2010 installed? Check your Program Files directory to see if it is anywhere in there, or wherever you installed it originally. See if you have an installation log in the directory where you installed Football Manager.

If you want to reinstall the game, double click the downloader and click on "Restart installer".

Lastly, what antivirus and firewall are you using?

By Turftalker posted 13th Jul 2010


Thanks for your message. I tried it again this morning and saved the files to my desktop. Despite still mentioning the installation errors it seems to be working. I guess I won't know until further down the line if there is a fault.

I will make sure I can re-load a saved game later and if that works I will class the issue as resolved.

Thanks for your advice, it is very much appreciated.

By lowyhong posted 13th Jul 2010

No problem, glad it works fine!

By Turftalker posted 14th Jul 2010

Hi again,

Yes it loads up and finds the saved game fine. Cannot see any problems now.

Thanks again,


By gamersgate posted 14th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 21st Jul 2010

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