The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2


By Skeloy posted 12th Jul 2010

After downloaded content by downloader , installer starts and immediately finish with this msg:
"Installation Aborted
Setup was not completted succesfully".
After first fail, i again start downloader and efect is the same. Any suggestions?
I do it from Administrator acount.


By derrick39b4 posted 12th Jul 2010

Having same issue......and when I ask installer to save files as backup...they are no where to be found

By Skeloy posted 12th Jul 2010

I have found temporary solution.
In folder with downloaded content is a next catalog QA_Aproved, and in this place is file named ScourgeSetup.exe. Now installer starts and installing the game, but this issue must be fix.
I think that many customers just need download installer and install the game and not work as private computer detective.

By derrick39b4 posted 12th Jul 2010

Thanks for the info...I'll give that a go (with fingers crossed :) - your right...they need to correct this or provide additional setup requirements at time of download!!

By gamersgate posted 12th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 21st Jul 2010

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