Pacific Storm Allies

Pacific Storm Allies install problem

By mutzjm posted 11th Jul 2010

Every time I try to launch the game, it fails and gives the message "this application has failed to start because D3DX9_28.DLL was not found.Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Each time I download it, I get a download sucessful message, and the installation says it is complete. Any ideas?


By LemmingKing posted 11th Jul 2010

Have you tried to update direct X? or is that what you already did and it doesnt work still?

By mutzjm posted 11th Jul 2010

I did just update direct x and it worked. Thanks for the quick answer.

New Problem:

The game is asking for an authorization code to launch. I'm not sure where to get that...

By LemmingKing posted 11th Jul 2010

Try the CD Key in your "My Games" tab, if solved put this as solved and no problem, good luck.

By gamersgate posted 11th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 12th Jul 2010

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