Dawn of Discovey Venice

Can't install !!

By Lug_Head_99 posted 11th Jul 2010

I get this error when I try to install the Venice addon: "An error occurred while installing Patch 1.2, Please install it manually." Then, the installation aborts.

My Dawn of Discovery is patched to 1.2 already. I originally purchased Dawn of Discovery from Impulse.

GamersGate clearly shows their version is Dawn of Discovery Venice in the title and the box art. However, the files are called ANNO 1404.

Is there any way to install the Venice addon over my Dawn of Discovery or did GamersGate dupe me out of my money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


By yotsuba posted 11th Jul 2010

The problem you are having is most likely due to the fact that you purchased the US version of the base game from Impulse and are now trying to install the EU version of the add-on.

Unfortunately, versions of games sold on different digital distributors usually do not match as files have been changed with the addition of site specific DRM, etc.

It is best to only buy expansion packs from the same place that you purchase the base game.

What you should do now, is contact support at gamersgate dot com and explain the problem. They will most likely issue you a refund.

By Lug_Head_99 posted 11th Jul 2010

Thank you for the help!

By yotsuba posted 12th Jul 2010

You're welcome. If this has helped solve the problem, please mark this as solved. Thanks.

By gamersgate posted 13th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 22nd Jul 2010

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