Men of War (win7)

By Polybios posted 10th Jul 2010

Hi Game tutors!
I got problems installing the game.
After downloading, the installer shows Error 5 (win7 system). Reading all FAQs on this site, I got to know that I need to change write protection at all downloaded files. After I did this, how can I again start the installer? There is no install nor setup, just a "launch".

I tried redownloading with the downloader several times, but every time I get the error 5 (no access) although I started the downloader as ADMIN and with WINXP mode.
I read about turning off write-protection on the temporary files to solve the problem, but can not access the "launch".
(From your FAQs: Windows 7 prevents the download
Turning off write-protection on the temporary files is enough to make the installer work properly with them.)

So at the moment I only can download the game, but not install!
Any idea?


By yaten posted 10th Jul 2010

Fellow gamers,

For the record, Polybios was able to solve this problem by disabling Bitdefender. I hope this will help those who have encountered the same problem.

Thanks to Polybios for sharing the solution.

Happy gaming to all ^_^ And happy weekend!

By gamersgate posted 10th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 12th Jul 2010

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