Dawn of Discovey Venice

Version conflict?

By Ashtaar posted 9th Jul 2010

I have Dawn of Discovery retail from when it first came out. I patched to 1.2 just fine with the link off of the Ubisoft official page.

I got DoD:Venice on sale, thinking it was a good deal. It won't install, gives an error with patch 1.2 not able to install.

Is this DoD:Venice NOT for retail Dawn of Discovery? Anyone else get it working?


By yotsuba posted 10th Jul 2010

Generally, unless it's specifically noted on the product page that retail versions are supported; it's best to assume that the expansion packs sold here will only work with the base games sold here.

Your best bet now is to fire an email to support (support at gamersgate dot com) and explain the situation to them. It's likely that the expansion pack will not work with the retail base game so you'll probably be offered a refund.

Please do note though that like most companies, support only operate during Monday to Friday.

By gamersgate posted 11th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 12th Jul 2010

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