Europa Universalis 3: Heir to the Throne

In Nomine is not Installed

By renaudaki posted 3rd Jul 2010

I cannot install the IN expansion on my PC.

It always ends with an error saying Europa Universalis III In Nomine is not installed.

I read the comments on the forum and could not find anything like my problem.

I uninstalled EU III and napoleon's ambition ; then I re-installed EU III with the disc, the first expansion (using the same folder path) and the second expansion fails to install.

What could I do


By Kranodor posted 3rd Jul 2010

First things first:
According to your question/problem, "In Nomine" (second expansion) fails to install because In Nomine is not installed. You have selected "Heir To The Throne" (third expansion) as the game you filed the question under.
Now HTTT (3) would not install if IN (2) is not installed. Question is: Do you own EU3:IN, and have you observed proper order of installation? In Nomine goes before Heir To The Throne, if you have both. Caution, the listing in "My Games" is alphabetical (and thus wrong, as you can see by where Napoleons Ambition (first expansion) is placed).
If you have only Heir To The Throne (which you do, otherwise you couldn't have selected it as topic for your question) you need to buy In Nomine and install it before you can install Heir To The Throne.

I hope that helps.

By gamersgate posted 4th Jul 2010


By gamersgate posted 5th Jul 2010

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