ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead

Installer can't connect

By vbenv posted 29th Jun 2010

I just purchased the new Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead expansion online through Gamersgate.

I download the game downloader and start it. It then gives me an error message: "Failed to sign in: Error 12057 in network connection. Check that the computer is connected to the Internet and that no firewall is blocking this program."

My computer is indeed connected to the internet and I've tried everything with the firewall, including turning it off. No luck. I've also tried rebooting in safe-mode with networking enabled. No luck.

Any suggestions?


By Dominatus posted 29th Jun 2010

try resetting router and if that doesn't work try following the instructions in this link.

good luck.

By vbenv posted 29th Jun 2010


By vbenv posted 29th Jun 2010

I tried resetting the router, no luck. As for the other instructions; I had no trouble paying for the game and downloading the installer. The problem is that the installer won't connect... I assume this is not related to internet options, no?

By vbenv posted 29th Jun 2010

Well, I did the 2nd step and unchecked the box in internet options. It seems I'm able to get a step further... the downloader window is now open and attempting to download but it's unable to establish a connection with the server. It tries again but fails.

By vbenv posted 29th Jun 2010

Disregard. I tried using Internet Explorer. That did the trick. Thanks anyway! ;-)

By gamersgate posted 29th Jun 2010


By gamersgate posted 5th Jul 2010

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