Silent Hunter ® 5: Battle of the Atlantic

Collectors edition

By gigzoid posted 28th Jun 2010


Bought Silent Hunter on site yesterday, was then surprised to see that the "collector's edition" - with extras - was available for the same price ????? Would suggest you point people buying the standard version to the collectors edition so they don't make the same annoying mistake I made.


By yotsuba posted 28th Jun 2010


I would suggest that email this suggestion to support [at] gamersgate [dot] com

The Games Tutor section is simply to get help from other customers, so GamersGate staff aren't likely to see your suggestion here. Alternately, you could also try suggesting this to them over Twitter (

Further to that, if you email support and explain this mistake, it is likely that they will exchange you version of the game for the CE version.

If the information in this reply helps you, please mark the question as solved, thanks.

By gamersgate posted 28th Jun 2010


By gamersgate posted 28th Jun 2010

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