Sniper: Ghost Warrior


By Mutiilation11 posted 27th Jun 2010

Anyone know how to save graphical settings? Everytime I change them they just go back to default (which are laggy for my comp) without notice. If I change the resolution in the menu then I get in window mode and can't seem to be able to go full screeen again except if I put it at my desktop resolution. Anyone can help me?


By ilikefun234 posted 27th Jun 2010

What you could try doing is setting your settings through the game's config files (if I remember correctly, it is in Sniper Ghost Warrior/game/out/settings) and after editing them, set them to read only so that they can't be changed. If you are unwilling to do this, you could always wait for the next patch to the game, as it was released in a very buggy state and will need much dev support. If you found this helpful, be sure to mark as solved.

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2010


By gamersgate posted 28th Jun 2010

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