Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

blank serial code

By bananafish posted 13th May 2010

i bought a copy of Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and was never given a serial code. I've written to support and have not received a response.

Any suggestions on how to complete the installation without a serial code?


By crany posted 13th May 2010

completing Installation without a serial would be illigal so no one can help you here with that the only thing you can do is wait for support to reply

By bananafish posted 13th May 2010

i would disagree with it being illegal. someone who helps me install without the serial code might be violating their license agreement with the game company. however, there is no criminal laws broken. i suppose, to be technical, i have purchased a license agreement to use their software; however, the company who sold me the license has failed to deliver. since i have delivered my end of the transaction, i have the right to use the software as intended with or without a serial code.

By crany posted 14th May 2010

it would be illigal because the license agreement is a legal contact between you and the developer also the developer hasnt failed to give you the key gamersgate have and there nothing to do with the developer/publisher also using anything to bypass the serial requierment is also called as piracy in the US anyhow but it dosnt matter yous till need to wait for support to e-mail you also you have no rights as they also reserve the right to revoke your premissiont use there software without any reason being given and without any refund this is in the US btw i dunno where your from if your int he EU like me then you more lucky as the laws in the EU are much better for us the buyers;)

By bananafish posted 14th May 2010

You are still wrong. Piracy involves stealing software; but what have I stolen? Nothing. Did I pay for the use of the software? Yes. Depending on the licensing agreement, which typically involves agreeing not to resell the software and to use it only on one computer per license- there is nothing that I would be doing that is wrong from a criminal standpoint.

Remember- you can violate a contract with another entity, but that becomes a CIVIL matter not CRIMINAL. Doing something illegal is considered a criminal violation.

As long as I haven't violated the EULA required by the software developer, the right to use the product cannot be revoked at will by the developer.

By crany posted 14th May 2010

anyhow like i said it dosnt matter but seeing as im nice and like you use these serials untill you get yours






By bananafish posted 12th Jun 2010

i got a refund from gamersgate and bot the expansion pack from EA games.

so everything is good.

thanks for all the help.

although when gamersgate finally responded- they said that they sold out of the licenses and would provide as soon as they got it... when pressed about when- they said after the weekend. so i asked for the refund. was a little disappointed that they did not let buyers know this; b/c afterall the point of buying the game digitally online is immediate gratification instead of making the trip to a retail store.

once again- thanks

By crany posted 13th Jun 2010

np i can understand that is odd i never had anything like that befor anyhow glad you got the refund gg are normaly real good with giving refunds make sure you mark it as solved so i get my points:)

By gamersgate posted 9th Aug 2010


By gamersgate posted 11th Aug 2010

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