Hearts of Iron 3

does not load/install hoi patch 1.4

By weinsoldner posted 29th Mar 2010

I removed HOI3 from my PC to make a clean install with patch 1.4. I clicked on the download button on the site and it starts to download without asking where toput the download. After a while it shows me the screen wich allows to repair or to remove the game??


By Alasar posted 29th Mar 2010

This probably means that you have deleted the game the wrong way. At this moment you should delete the game when the program asks you to do it, after that you should be able to install a clean install. Otherwise you should contact me again and I have a more comprehensive tutorial for you.

For the future I would advise you to follow this procedure to delete your games.

1) Press the start button
2) Go to control pannel
3) go to Remove/Add software
4) Find your game and double click it.

This will ensure all files are deleted from you hard drive. And not only the game folder.

This is an inconvinience that's built into windows with it's registry so you should always remove your software with an uninstall program and never only remove the map.

By weinsoldner posted 29th Mar 2010

hello Alasar,

Thank you for the info but this is the way I removed the game. tried to reinstall again but once more it did not work.

By Alasar posted 29th Mar 2010

Have you tried to delete the game through the registry. You should start regedit, and under Local Machine and Software find your Hearts of Iron 3 game folder or Paradox folder, delete that folder and try again.


By weinsoldner posted 29th Mar 2010

I tried that as well and am sure there are no rmenants of the game on my PC.

By Alasar posted 29th Mar 2010

Just a quick question, do you have any other paradox games installed. I one had an issue where one of their games would interfere with an instalation.

If this doesn't help, I would re relaese this question.

By gamersgate posted 30th Mar 2010


By gamersgate posted 8th Apr 2010

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