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Won't update

By Gellert posted 20th Nov 2009

When i run the patch program, it says it can't find the version from which i should update.

Ingame the correct patch number is shown and the program should be elegible for an update.

What could be wrong here?

Program runs fine, activation was no problems.

I run windows 7.


By Carl4243 posted 23rd Nov 2009

Whats your current version? and is this the Expansion or the original game?

By Gellert posted 23rd Nov 2009

yes, a stand alone expansion.

My version is that of the original game, without patches. 1.5.3596.

the first patch should take from 3596-3598 and the second from 3598-3599.

None of the patches work.

By Carl4243 posted 24th Nov 2009

i am not familular with Windows 7, but does it have a "run as Admin" as Vista does? i know that has been a issue on other games for myself, if it does, try that on the patcher.

Also you shouldnt be trying to patch in that manner you only need 1. try this Patch here (;89062 ), Download this and install this, let me know how that works.

By Gellert posted 25th Nov 2009

Unfortunately i did not work.

I wrote to support earlier, and they gave me a refund and removed the game from the store.

A shame however, as it would have been nice to play the game....

By Carl4243 posted 26th Nov 2009

yes, a shame, hopefully it will be back and working. please click SOLVED to close this support case.

By gamersgate posted 26th Nov 2009


By gamersgate posted 26th Nov 2009

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