Sacred 2 Gold Edition

Still no sacred 2 serial key

By Tylerkinisis posted 30th Jun 2014

I purchased sacred 2 gold edition yesterday and still dont see a serial key where it says it should be, is there some sort of waiting time of a week or less that i need to go with, or should the serial key already be there when i had bought it? The purchase isnt pending cause i checked my order history and it says it is complete, so what could be the problem???


By AlexDoc posted 30th Jun 2014

There is some sort of waiting time of a week or less)

By Link Strife posted 30th Jun 2014

On the game page, it says that Sacred 2 Gold Edition is *DRM free*. Maybe you dont need a key at all. Have you tried downloading it as is?

By Tylerkinisis posted 30th Jun 2014

Yeah all 14gb, which with my internet is a gig an hour -.- on a side note I cant even find the game anywhere on my computer too, just the sacred 2 disc copy I installed but didnt come with a serial key also, of course I forgot to check for the manual cause I just wanted to play the game

By Tylerkinisis posted 1st Jul 2014

On a side note with all of this, i have a regular sacred 2 game installed too *got it from a pawn shop for $5 and thought it was a good deal* could that be interfering with my sacred 2 gold edition that i purchased here??

By Link Strife posted 1st Jul 2014

You should be able to install the Gold edition using a different path (when asked where you want to install the game), although I dont see the point. Why dont you just uninstall the original game and install the Gold edition?

By Tylerkinisis posted 2nd Jul 2014

Turns out having the original game in before trying to download the gold edition from here was the problem all along, thanks for the help!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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