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Game Key?

By RustyNutts posted 30th Jun 2014

I had a 500gb hard drive that crashed recently. I replaced with a 1tb and when trying to reinstall STALKER COP this is the message I receive.

The activation key is not valid any more due to significant changes of the computer hardware configuration.
This is the only game I have had this issue with. Any help?


By redsfan posted 30th Jun 2014

do you have the latest version of the drm software.

By RustyNutts posted 30th Jun 2014

I think so. I had a Tages key when I first bought the game but it didnt work for me and many others so I was given a second key that I believe is Starforce. I have updated Tages and it didnt work. Right now Im deleting some old registry keys and going from there. If you want more info because I know it sounds confusing look at some previous COP posts from 2013 where everyone had key issues and GG had send new keys. Thanks for helping.

By RustyNutts posted 30th Jun 2014

Ok got it. Apparently it was the registry key still hanging around from Tages that was keeping the new key from working. Thanks.

By gamersgate posted 30th Jun 2014

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By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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