Outlast: Whistleblower

which game is to be played first.

By 1234darlene5678 posted 29th Jun 2014

which game is to be played first. Outlast or Whistler Blower? Or are they merged into one game.


By dakmac1989 posted 29th Jun 2014

whistle blower is the dlc, its is the prequel, but they released later so it is really up to you on that one.

By m661 posted 30th Jun 2014

whistleblower will provide spoilers for the first title. but the first title will provide spoilers for whistle blower. Normaly you would think start with the prequel but I personaly think the atmosphere of the first game is much better when you go in blind it has a rather slow build up. Whistle blower was less intense for me and the tension builds up much faster.

short reconmendation outlast -> whistleblower

By gamersgate posted 1st Jul 2014

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By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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