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Can steam games be activated on gamersgate?

By Frumple posted 28th Jun 2014

Aware that many games bought on gamersgate can be activated on steam, but is there any way to do the reverse? Steam has recently been rolling out a series of patches for several older games that breaks both mod and multiplayer compatibility, and having access to a non-steam version of the games in question is now very desirable.


By budd1175 posted 28th Jun 2014

Steam is very possessive over its titles, you have to use their application to play anything purchased from steam; without it, you cant activate or use the game. Hope this clears up any questions you have.

By PotatoTomato posted 28th Jun 2014

You can always pick drm-free versions of those games. Steam usually doesnt get oldies sooner than specialized stores. Anyway, Im sure that theres a possibility to run mods and multiplayer even with steam copies of older games. Id check steam community hub and discussions on those particular titles. The only trouble steam might give you is it wont count playtime hours properly. For example I had trouble running Red Faction 2 and had to use an unofficial fix. The game then ran fine but steam didnt count the playtime hours.

By Frumple posted 28th Jun 2014

The answer is no, then, heh. As for getting non-drm versions, the problem is recent patches on a few games (Ive personally ran into it with Dawn of War and Civ IV) have disabled major functions of the game (such as direct IP and LAN connections, or major mod compatibility) in the process of adding steamworks access -- given that these patches came after I had acquired the games in question, choosing a different service is, well, a little belated. The games in question run fine, they just have major features disabled, despite said features being part of the game (and indeed, part of the steam version) for many years.

Any fixes that Ive seen involve having access to a non-steam copy of the game, which isnt terribly helpful in the given situation.

Still, thank you for the responses. Ill mark the question as solved.

By gamersgate posted 28th Jun 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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