Requires cd

By neoave posted 26th Jun 2014

After installation when i click start the game it says it require a cd.
I cant play the game because of this.
It never ask for the activation code.


By DedNLeft posted 27th Jun 2014

The game was built to work on Windows XP and/or Vista. I would suggest trying running the main .exe that the shortcut points to in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3, and then if needed try Vista. You find the main .exe or it and the launchers main exe and right click, select Properties, find and select the Compatibility tab and pick Windows XP Service Pack 2 to start or the OS you need from there. Disabling Visual Themes and Desktop Composition are always worth a try on older games as well.

Just in case you have not, go into your Gamersgate, My Library, My Games, and select CivCity Rome and check at the bottom of the page if there are any Gamersgate listed patches for download. Check both games and details tab. Lots of Gamersgate Games require a specific Gamersgate patch to work on their version.

Ok, another common possibility is that this game autopatched with a downloadable patch. Often the patches via download are not made to work with Gamersgate versions. Youll have to check on that, which is why I mention the first part.

Finally, you might solve it via what CISphil says. That would require a patch that they say works on all versions, specifically all digital versions. If it removes the CD check and the DRM, thats hopeful, but it still might not work with a Gamersgate or Digitally downloaded version. Also note that not every Digitally downloaded version has to be equal to everyone else. In the early days the various digital versions were not equivalent and could require different patches.

From what I can tell, this is probably a version that was at first offered on Direct2play. So if the 1.1 patch notes mention that, it might work, or it might not. So you have the options above.

Gamersgate Support might be able to help you better, if the problem is well known. Securom is the last bet.

If you search GameTutor there is this Tutor thread which pops up, not sure it is helpful:

It suggests that sometimes parts of the installation files may be removed incorrectly. He had a solution for his. Sometimes anti-virus software will likewise remove part of an installation, make sure you try another download without anti-virus on if nothing else works.

Thats the full monty. But it might not help and is long. So you pick what you think works. All of these commonly happen. If you have cd imaging software installed, it often will screw up DRM like Securom as well, just in case you have such. Good luck.

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2014

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By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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