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By zombiecidal posted 24th Jun 2014

Hi all!

I have a question. I currently play and own European Truck Simulator 2 Gold and want to buy and install ETS 2: Going East. I read in the game description that Going East is an expansion, but I wanted to know for sure. If I install the expansion, will it erase my current progress in ETS 2? Will I have to start over with a clean slate?



By Fnord posted 24th Jun 2014

If my memory servers, ETS2: Gold contains ETS 2: Going east, so you dont need to buy it.

By Minamikaze posted 24th Jun 2014

Going East is indeed included in ETS2, it is even stated so on store page. But even if you didnt already have this expansion it wouldnt mess up your progress. Thats my first-hand experience.

By Link Strife posted 24th Jun 2014

No, you will not loose your original game after you install Going East. The only thing that will happen is that your truck will be relocated to your home town if it was in the middle of making a delivery (at no cost to you). The game will notify you if that happens. You will be able to continue your game and visit a dozen new cities!

But as Fnord pointed out, the Gold edition already includes Going East, so dont buy it again.

By zombiecidal posted 25th Jun 2014

Hmmm...means I dont have the Gold. Mkay. Thank you all.

By m661 posted 25th Jun 2014

If you have Gold there should be 2 keys in your game page. They both have to be activated separately. Please check on your account page the exact name of the game as that will tell you if you have Gold or the normal edition.
If you do have Gold I suggest you look up your order ID at and create a support ticket as you should have had both keys than.

By gamersgate posted 30th Jun 2014

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By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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