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By cloudshear posted 22nd Jun 2014

My wifes account was blocked on 6/16/14.She filed a ticket through Gamersgate support the same day.
It has been 6 days now and she has gotten no response at all. She has not updated the ticket or changed anything on it. The status seems to be stuck on private with owner Ashot and department Ashot P. We have been purchasing games from Gamersgate now for about a month. Our first orders went through fine but the last one before the block had the chosen for manual review message. We usally buy either 4 packs of games when available or 3 single copies.(one for her our daughter and me).
Can anyone help us. This is turning into a really bad experience customer service wise. We just want to know what is wrong and how she can fix it. The charge did go through our bank for the last purchase.
Any ideas?


By Kopseer posted 22nd Jun 2014

That doesnt sound very pleasant, maybe try contacting support again?

And according to the terms of use:
Your sole remedy with respect to a product that is not delivered within a reasonable amount of time is to either receive a replacement of such product, or a refund of the purchase price paid for such product, as determined by GamersGate in its sole discretion.

But rather try contacting support again.

Cheers and hope you get this problem sorted out quick :)

By zhu8808 posted 22nd Jun 2014

Just wait....their customer service will response to you in 1 to 2 weeks....

By gamersgate posted 22nd Jun 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 24th Jun 2014

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