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Sniper Elite V2 St. Pierre DLC

By t800machine posted 21st Jun 2014

Four days ago I purchased this DLC, still no key. Any ideas?
Or should I wait more?


By AlexDoc posted 21st Jun 2014

Original game in your library must contain this key.

By t800machine posted 21st Jun 2014

Well, I bought the base game from Steam, and all DLCs from Gamersgate four days ago. When I click Show serial key on St. Pierre, it says that theyre out of keys. All the other DLC keys are fine though.

By PotatoTomato posted 21st Jun 2014

Wait for a bit and when its a week after the purchase still with unavailable key then I suggest contacting support about it.

By MARHUN posted 22nd Jun 2014

I have the same problem mate.

By Edvardius posted 22nd Jun 2014

Yeah, this is taking far too long, i am also waiting for about 5 days or so.

By t800machine posted 23rd Jun 2014

It should work now, I got it today.

By gamersgate posted 23rd Jun 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 23rd Jun 2014

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