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payment...please help

By natty3669 posted 20th Jun 2014

i just purchased two games of the sims and this is what appears Your order has been selected for manual review.the account is in long does it take for me to be able to get an answer??????????????????

This is an additional step of protection that allows us to provide the safest services to both the players and the publishers of the games.

Manual reviews are a rare exception for purchases in our shop. Should you be subjected to more than one review in a short time, please contact our support staff.

Our staff will review your order as quickly as possible and these cases are given highest priority. We apologize for the delay, and hope for your understanding.


By raven8er posted 20th Jun 2014

I think I had one before. It only took a day if I remember correctly.

By natty3669 posted 20th Jun 2014

thank you raven8er hopefully by tomorrow i could be able to play tomorrow!

By sipitai posted 22nd Jun 2014

Yeah it should only take 12 hours or so, usually less.

By m661 posted 24th Jun 2014

Has this issue been resolved for you yet natty3669?

By natty3669 posted 24th Jun 2014

Yes it has m66.the same day, it got only took about an hour or very happy.thank gamers gate.

By m661 posted 24th Jun 2014

Glad to hear I am closing this thread than. Enjoy your games.

By gamersgate posted 24th Jun 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Jul 2014

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