Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond The Untold Story Deluxe Edition (PC)

why is there not a walkthrough?

By panyioula posted 20th Jun 2014

hello I just buy the game demon hunter chronicles from beyond the untold story & I saw that it is not include a walkthrough. when I buy games from my second favorite site the big fish games site when I buy a game that is collector edition as it is the one I buy from your site it is include a strategy guide something that it is not happening to your games. why is that?


By PotatoTomato posted 20th Jun 2014

Vast majority of games dont come with a walkthrough, thats just the way it is and its not a missing feature of this store since almost all of the other stores dont provide walkthroughs as well. However you can use sites like or steam community guides. Its for free and its usually very thorough.

By gamersgate posted 20th Jun 2014

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By gamersgate posted 20th Jun 2014

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