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By bakhtosh posted 19th Jun 2014

I downloaded the game, but killed the Adobe Air install and am having to reinstall the game. Ive uninstalled it. Its gone from my program files. I still have the temporary files for the install, but when I download the installer and run it, it acts like its going to reinitialize the install, then immediately goes to the keep temp files/remove temp files/restart installer screen. I cant get it to actually reinstall.

Id really rather not download the full game again...


By Kopseer posted 19th Jun 2014

I assume Mass Effect 2 from gamersgate requires Origin, cant see for myself as I dont have access to it in my region, have you checked inside the Origin or Origin Games directories whether the game files are there or not?

By bakhtosh posted 19th Jun 2014

I ran the uninstall program from within the Mass Effect 2 start menu. The start menu entry is gone as is all program files for ME2. I did choose to keep configuration and saves, but after having problems, I renamed that folder to see if it would help. It didnt.

I also found and deleted Mass Effect 2 install.log

By bakhtosh posted 19th Jun 2014

Wait, I found it.
While searching for other files that could be the hang-up, I tried to delete Uninstall Mass Effect 2.log and it said it couldnt be deleted because it was still in use by Au_.exe Task Manager showed this was the Mass Effect 2 install package that wouldnt end itself. I killed that program, and am reinstalling as we speak.

By Kopseer posted 19th Jun 2014

Ah yes, sneaky processes like that can be a pain. Well hopefully it installs and you can go on enjoying a rather great game :)

By DedNLeft posted 19th Jun 2014

Yeah, sometimes you have to check after the standard uninstaller is done to see if there are any other leftovers. For example, those files you mentioned, but also entries into the registry. Its not uncommon for the entry in the registry that has your serial code in it, to remain there, and then hurt your reinstall. This is why I also have a special uninstaller program to help with registry searching and extra files. Even those sometimes fail to remove certain things.

But you mentioned something very important. You said that the Task Manager showed that Au_.ext was still using the .log file. Now, my I suggest something to you? In all of pc gaming history, and Ive been gaming since before the ibm pc came into existence and before MS-DOS ... there is one standard rule of uninstallation.

The rule is that the uninstallation and/or the installation is never sure to be done until you go back and restart your computer (on very rare occasions it isnt done until you then turn off the computer completely and then start it up again). Why? Because traditionally, throughout most of the DOS era and the Windows Era through XP and later ... some programs cant install things into the registry and fully access files because they are in use. Exactly like you AU_.exe program there.

What Im saying is this. Some games will not be fully installed until you finish the install completely. Wait a minute or so for everything to hopefully get logged and get out of memory. Then restart your computer allows the registry to be fully manipulated, and installed helper programs to be fully installed, it will remove the resource files that were in the temp folder during a halfway step in the installation and unpacking process ... etc.

So just a heads-up on that. This even happens when purchasing or installing Steam games today. People forget that sometimes Steam has downloaded in the background another update which can mess up things, even if not its sometimes best to when all is quiet in Steam to just exit it, wait a minute and re-enter. This solves a lot of purchases or installs not showing up.

Its part of computing. Whenever you have a Windows Update, remember how they tell you not to turn off your computer. Ok, well after the Update is done, remember how they often say to Restart your computer, or that if you click OK the computer will Restart now ... thats so that the updates can be fully done while all the files and programs needed are released and not in use. Its almost like installing things in safe mode, but better, as you dont even have the safe mode programs going. This is also why the most powerful anti-virus programs, or MSs monthly one, works during a restart. Its all related. Hope that gives you a bit of a tip that may be used in future. Its not always necessary, but it never hurts to follow up with that restart after completing an installation, just dont hurry it.

You did very well to check on that Task Manager for open programs by the way. EA historically is well known for fooling with the registry in there installs, from back in the Bullfrog days, etc.

I wish you well.

By DedNLeft posted 19th Jun 2014

Oh for an uninstaller I currently recommend IObits Uninstaller the free version. I used to like Revos Uninstaller better, but last I checked it isnt updated to be used on Win7-64 bit. I dont believe in paying for an uninstaller. IObits free version is regularly updated and works pretty well, but Revos used to have more control as you go, which I preferred.

As a registry cleaner, that also has an uninstaller and other clean away the deadwood functions, CCleaner is excellent and has deep controls. You can also just learn a lot about handling the registry yourself, but its not recommended for beginners. These two programs have great reviews for years now. I highly recommend them, they are free and often updated. The pay versions are just for large business customers and not needed by us, and shhh ... truth is there is almost no difference anyway. Even with all these tools, sometimes an install/uninstall is a bear to fight with. Best wishes.

By gamersgate posted 20th Jun 2014

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By gamersgate posted 20th Jun 2014

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