when i can get..

By tri yudha posted 11th May

ijust ordered WD game,is that true that i get that serial key on the day when the game is released? :)
thanks :)


By Fix2 posted 11th May

Yes is possible because the game always comes with the key.mark that as solved

By tri yudha posted 11th May

Okay thanks :)

By Fix2 posted 11th May

Mark as solved

By m661 posted 11th May

What Fix2 is trying to say is if the answer(s) above has answered your question you can mark the question as solved. That way the person(s) who provided the helpfull answer can be rewarded if the question is reviewed by a moderator.

You are never forced to mark a question as solved but it helps clean up the GameTutor. After sometime the question will be automatically moved to the back or moderators may decide to verify the question as solved.

And if the question is not solved you can always wait a bit or provide some more information to enhance the search for a answer.

By ElasticCorn posted 12th May

Yeah you can just get it when it comes out

By YGamer posted 13th May


By gamersgate posted 15th May

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 15th May

The solution has been approved by a moderator - The tutor(s) has received the reward.

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