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By Fix2 posted 10th May 2014

Help!help me I pay for one game and tells me an sort it out for me!!!!!!!!!


By m661 posted 10th May 2014

It means you either did not finish the payment by confirming your selection or it has been blocked by a adblocker on your browser. Either way there has been no money transferred because the request could not be completed and you will either need to create a new order or select your old one under authorise the current order.

If you still have difficulties please contact support at
Support will ask for your order number (also found under Order History) your payment method and from what country your trying to initiate the payment. Game tutor users cant help on transactions issues so support is your best choice in this case.

By Fix2 posted 10th May 2014

Help please it couldnt go.ok can you buy that game and gift it to me?pls

By m661 posted 10th May 2014

You can add a game on your wish list under your account and someone might purchase it for you but you are not allowed to ask for it in GameTutor. Game Tutor is meant as support service powered by users for users but not as a trading forum.

By gamersgate posted 12th May 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 15th May 2014

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