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By Fix2 posted 10th May 2014

How do I gift game


By MannTyp posted 10th May 2014

You need to buy the game and then there will be an option for gifting the key :D

By m661 posted 10th May 2014

When you are on a game page you have the option to either Buy the game or directly under that the option Gift this game. After this you need to select your payment method and after that authorise and confirm the order. Games cant be gifted instantly there is a small delay between that option after the purchase is done. You cannot download the game or reveal the key if you want to gift it as that binds it to your account.

You also have the option to either send it to a Gamersgate user or instead email them. They still will require a gamers gate account in order to retrieve the order. Also you should keep region lock in mind as some games might not work in a other country due to publisher, law restrictions.

By gamersgate posted 11th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 11th May 2014

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