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DLC and mods not showing?

By MohamedHamdan posted 10th May 2014

I just downloaded the game and the Sword of Islam, on steam they both appear to be downloaded. However, when i try to play the game a code appears and asks me to write it down, then i am asked to select a DLC or a mod to play. I have downloaded Sword of Islam isnt something suppose to be in the empty spaces so i can start?


By jeffgc76 posted 10th May 2014

Steam asks you to write down a code before you launch the game, but you do not seem to need the code. I have not had to enter the code. You can click the box marked do not show me this again.

When you launch the game you should see a list of all the DLC you have installed. You can use this list to decide which DLC to use when you play the game. Does Sword of Islam appear in the list? Did you successfully activate the DLC code on steam? You can see what DLC you have for any of your steam games by right-clicking the game in your steam library list, and then click on properties. You will see a tab with information about which DLC you own for that game. If Sword of Islam appears in this list then you should be able to play with it.

By MohamedHamdan posted 10th May 2014

The DLC does appear on steam but not on the Crusaders menu. I followed you step by step all seems in order. All what appears on the crusader menu is Register and start CKII.

By Philippe_at_bay posted 11th May 2014

Just to be clear, if you have enough memory, when youre in your steam library and you right-click on Crusader Kings II you will get a menu, and the first item on that menu is play game. If you click on that you will eventually get a pop-up for Crusader Kings II. The main part of the pop-up has an announcement about the latest patch, but the lower section of the pop-up (takes up about a fifth of the pop-up) is divided into three sections: from left to right mods to play, select DLCs, and Register and Start CKII. To play a DLC you have to put a check mark in the little square next to the name of the DLC.

If you remembered to activate a dlc on steam (that might be the problem) and it does not show up in the middle section of the lower part of the pop-up, you should check to make sure you have enough memory, and then check to make the CKII download from steam isnt damaged in some way. The way you do this is to go into your steam library, right-click on Crusader Kings II, go to properties on the menu that appears (last item on the list), click on it, then click on the local files tab that appears, and verify the integrity of your game cache. That will take a few minutes.

If your game cache is not defective and your steam download included a particular DLC, and you arent woefully short of memory, your dlc will appear in that middle list mentioned above. If it doesnt, you should contact steam support or post something in the CK II steam forums.

If I had to guess at what is going on, I would say that you probably arent using steam correctly. At the risk of restating the obvious, if you buy a CK II dlc at gamersgate and you dont activate it on steam using the steam code, it will never appear on that middle list. Is it showing up on the list of dlc for ck II that you own, or just the list of dlc for ck ii thats available?

By MohamedHamdan posted 13th May 2014

Everything worked out thanks.

By gamersgate posted 13th May 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 13th May 2014

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