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Super street fighter 4 wont update and black screens

By CrackedFingers posted 9th May 2014

When I boot SSF4, it tells me games for windows live needs to update.
After the update finishes it says to restart the game to apply the update, I quit the title to my desktop and the update applied and relaunches SSF4 which black screens.
When I close it and run it again, it asks me to do the games for window live update again as before.

Any idea how to get this running im on windows 7 64bit


By Toffmonster posted 9th May 2014

Download GFWL web installer from here:
It should update GFWL version that comes with the game. I think you can install it without uninstalling the older version.
This should fix your black screen.

By CrackedFingers posted 9th May 2014

Literally just found out what is was, need to update it then switch it to windows 7 compatability mode works fine now.

By gamersgate posted 9th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 10th May 2014

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