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Bioshock Infinite Season Pass

By jcdenton303 posted 9th May 2014

I have Bioshock Infinite on my Steam account already,. I would like to purchase the Season Pass through GamersGate and use it on my MacBook Pro, but it says only for PC. However, Steam lists the Season Pass as being for both PC and Mac. Since the game requires steam activation anyway, do you think it will be playable on my Mac? Id like to know for sure, before I spend $20 on a game I may not be able to play.


By Psyringe posted 9th May 2014

This item is listed as SteamPlay on Steam, which means that activating the key for one platform, automatically gives you access to the activated item on all other supported platforms as well. Whenever you download the game, Steam will give you the correct version for the machine youre currently on.

So yes, buying the Season Pass on GamersGate should give you access to the Mac version as well.

By jcdenton303 posted 10th May 2014

Thankyou, that is reassuring, but when I go to buy the game on my Mac it says in big red letters on GG This is for PC!!

Im gonna go ahead and buy it and see what happens.

By Psyringe posted 10th May 2014

The publisher of the PC version is 2K, whereas the publisher of the Mac version is Aspyr. 2K probably cannot advertise its PC version as also activating the Mac version, because it solds the rights of the Mac version to Aspyr. Thats why the item is only listed as PC in the catalog, which automatically causes a warning to appear when you put it in your cart while you are on a Mac.

Regardless of all this, though, the item is listed as SteamPlay on Steam, which means that activating a keys for one platform should give you access to the same item on all other supported platforms.

So in practice, it does not really matter for which platform you buy it, but there are probably contractual reasons why the publishers cannot advertise that.

By jcdenton303 posted 11th May 2014

Yes, you were correct. Works perfectly on Mac. Thankyou!

By gamersgate posted 11th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 11th May 2014

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