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questions about key, new to gg

By 333520 posted 7th May 2014

I am new to gg. I have a few questions:
1. When I buy the game, actually I will get keys for steam or origin?
2. I need to active the games within steam or origin clients?
3. Can I share some keys to my friends(if I bug a package with a lot of keys)?
4. Is the key/game refundable if I havent use them (not activate)?



By redsfan posted 7th May 2014

you would have had not revealed the key for it to be refundable. Once you reveal the key it is yours.

By SaintRick posted 7th May 2014

1: the game is steam or origi you will get the relavant key.
2:yes in bothe of them you have to activate the keys.
3:U can only but 2 key on GG of an item. you can do with the keys what u want.
4:no. ther is no refunds on digital codes.


By Psyringe posted 7th May 2014

1. It depends on the game. Some come with Steam keys, some with Origin or Uplay keys, some as direct downloads from GamersGate. etc. Check the games specs to the right of its description. If it requires Steam, Origin, etc., you will see this mentioned there.

2. It depends on the game. See above. :)

3. You can use the GamersGate Gift Center to gift unused items to your friends. Please note that you can have only 2 copies of the same game on your account at the same time. But when you give one of those away (through the gift center), you can buy another copy. Only reveal keys on your account if you want to use them for yourself.

4. Games will be refunded, no questions asked, as long as no key has been revealed, no download has been started, and the order is less than 15 days old. But please note that revealing a key voids the possibility of a refund, no matter whether you already activated the key or not.

On a side note: Please lets not spread misinformation. People are spending real money based on the information they get in the Game Tutor. Please research your answers and do not just type something that you think _might_ be correct.

By 333520 posted 7th May 2014

Thanks guys.

It is awesome to get your reply so fast!
I like this place:)

By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

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