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By hunter-killer posted 7th May

Hi everyone I am trying to complete my achievements in the bargain hunter as I only have 1 left to get called PROFESSIONAL CHEAPSKATE it says you must have price drop alerts to receive this achievement and I already have 3 price drop alerts active so am I doing something wrong here? or what. can anyone help me on this issue thanks!


By VanGe1 posted 7th May

I think you need to have 5 price drop alerts in order to get the achievement. But Im not totally sure.

By Vlad576 posted 7th May

I think the achievement triggers at 5 active alerts. Just keep tagging games until you get it. You can remove all the alerts afterwards.

By hunter-killer posted 7th May

@ VanGe1 thanks my friend you would think gamersgate would state that in there instructions thanks again.

By hunter-killer posted 7th May

Thanks Vlad576 and everybody that answers this or I will be typing forever here ahahah

By Psyringe posted 7th May

Actually the achievement explanations are intentionally vague, to encourage customers to explore the site. :) Also, achievements are a bit of a game, and how much fun is a game when youre just following instructions? ;)

By gamersgate posted 11th May

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 11th May

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