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Steam key - when ?

By CipA88 posted 7th May 2014

the subject title says it all..


By Azrael360 posted 7th May 2014

If GamersGate have ran out of Steam keys due to the recent sale, you have to wait a bit until GamersGate have news keys to distribute. This doesnt take more than 5 working days, but usually is less than that.

By hunter-killer posted 7th May 2014

Hi I just noticed your post and I am sure you will get your key asap, sometimes companies sell out of keys it is an oversight that cant be helped due to selling games that are not sold in retail shops (Hard copies) so in affect they sell say 500 copies but only have 475 keys so they have to request more keys from the developers and this is not an uncommon thing when buying soft copies of a game.
The other case could be have you checked in which format the game is in as not all games are steam activated some are for pc download only to get over this to prevent it happening you need to go to the tab at the top of screen which says filters or something like that and scroll down to 3rd from the bottom where it says STEAM and then you will only see games that are STEAM activation only.
Please be patient and give it a couple of days if you have not received your key by that time then contact customer support and they will be glad to assist you resolving this issue.

By CipA88 posted 7th May 2014

Oh, ok. No worries, I can wait, I just find it a bit odd... its been a little over 6 days now :D since I bought the game.

Patience is key I guess :P

By Psyringe posted 7th May 2014

Usually, getting new keys takes 2-4 business days. In this case it seems to be taking longer. This is probably due to the specific circumstances of this sale:

- A lot of people came new to the site during the Spring Sale.
- This game was 90% off, so lots of those new customers picked it up.
- The demand was therefore much higher than expected, so GamersGate ran out of keys.
- This game is self-published by a small studio. They are dedicated and very reliable, but they might not be able to provide a large amount of keys as quickly as a huge publisher, for whom generating and distributing keys is an everyday operation.

So in short: Keys ran out due to a connection of circumstances, GamersGate and the developers are working on getting new keys out, and its taking a bit longer than usual, but you will get those keys. :)

Also, please note that your purchase also included a DRM-free download. If you like to, you can install and play the game already, and then switch to the Steam version when the key arrives.

By Yo_GamersGate posted 8th May 2014

I have received a serial key :)

By CipA88 posted 9th May 2014

Me to ! Finally ! :D

By gamersgate posted 9th May 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 10th May 2014

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