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Why Can I Not Get a Refund?

By SomeCustomerName posted 7th May 2014

After mistakenly purchasing Dark Souls 2 twice by accident (both from Steam and GamersGate), I sought a refund from GamersGate since I had already activated my copy on Steam. However, to my annoyance my copy was not refunded and the reason was that a serial key had already been generated.

I have not touched this websites copy, nor used the key. I wasnt even aware that I had generated a serial until support had told me. Right now I can go to my account and see that the key is unused - so why am I not allowed a refund? Could I even get a refund from other purchases, seeing as a key would be generated the instant it is bought?

This is an annoying issue that is not being resolved, and it is ruining this websites reputation for me.


By Azrael360 posted 7th May 2014

To gift a game or get a refund, the game must say in red Unused Serials in the title. Once you click on Show Serial Key, the Unused Serials is removed and you cannot gift it or get a refund, because the key was already saw it by human eyes. No matter how many times you ask, it will never be 100% safe for GamersGate to use that very same key with the next person who purchases that game. That wouldnt be professional.

Since it was your mistake, you cant ask for GamersGate to take the blame.

I suggest you to use your key in a trade or maybe to send it to a friend as a gift.

By SomeCustomerName posted 7th May 2014

I have no memory of clicking anything that would show me a serial key, and I strongly think that simply clicking the name of the game in my account is a poor way to generate a serial. I certainly wont ever be purchasing anything from this website again.

By Azrael360 posted 7th May 2014

Thats not how it works. It tells you IN RED Unused Serials, and to remove that, YOU HAVE TO CLICK OVER THE BLUE BUTTON that says Show Serial Key to unlock it. In the meantime, you can always click over that game to see its description, gift it to another user with a GamersGate account, rate it, or make a review.

Youre just looking for an excuse. You know you clicked over that button to see the Steam Key to activate the game in your account, and now you want a refund. Is that hard for you to admit its your own fault?

By Link Strife posted 7th May 2014

... I wasnt even aware that I had generated a serial until support had told me

If you already have contacted support, there is not much we can do here on Tutor to help you. I guess you will have to deal with them. Tutor is just customers trying to help other customers. We cannot override what support has already told you.

By Psyringe posted 7th May 2014

I think there was a misunderstanding here.

Usually, games with revealed serials cannot be refunded. There are several reasons for this:
1. Once a serial has been revealed, GamersGate has no control over what happens with it.
2. GamersGate cannot revoke or invalidate serials.
3. GamersGate has no specific tools to test whether a serial has been redeemed or not.

Therefore, revealing a serial marks a game as used, and voids refundability. This is also explained in the refund policy, which is linked from the cart and needs to be agreed to before purchasing a game, so we have taken care that this fact is known to the customer before he even gets an opportunity to reveal his serial.

In this particular case though, the serial was not revealed by the customer. Due to technical reasons special to this game, the serial was automatically revealed on this account. Therefore, the purchase was refunded, but it took a bit before all the details were cleared up.

By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

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